Friday, February 4, 2011

Global Agenda, the Aftermath / Learning Blender

I picked up Global Agenda for 7.50 during its recent Steam sale, though I had been an adamant member of its community during its alpha testing phase quite some time ago. I didn't buy the game, because, I had also been a tester for Hellgate: London and Tabula Rasa...And we know what happened there. (Coincidentally, this is why I never got into APB, foresight wins again.)

The thing about Global Agenda is that, even now, it seems confused. It seems to want to be an MMO, but its open PVE environments are bleak, empty, lifeless, and boring. It wants to have PVP, and most players do enjoy this segment of the game, when the queue is functioning. It's easy to forgive the game at 7.50, but that isn't the default price. Looking back on the game's rough start, I feel like they could have learned a lot from what games like TF2 are doing now.

In a lot of ways, TF2 has it nailed. Unlike a free-to-play game, they have an initial purchase price, so, they get money. Once you're in the game, you technically have access to the vast majority of the game's content without paying any money at all, as has always been the case. If you want, though, you can pay to get items you have the possibility of finding anyway. Since some of those funds go to the community members that created them, I have never had any qualms about paying 7 dollars for a hat I wanted. I knew that some of the money was supporting TF2, and some of the money was supporting the person that made the awesome hat. The money wasn't vanishing into the void never to be seen again, it would be returned to me.

Global Agenda just makes me feel "lucky" that I got it cheap because it wouldn't have been worth more than 7.50. I'm left wondering why, in the time between the alpha and now, it hasn't done more, or fixed more, or tried harder.


In other news, I have acquired "Blender For Dummies" and hope to dig into modeling and animation soon. I had done so already, but without guidance.

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