Thursday, February 3, 2011

New DX: HR Trailer and a Dragon Age II Demo On All Platforms


I can't help but look forward to this. Deus Ex is one of those games you point to when someone asks you to define why video games matter. Deus Ex 2 was awful, but I think it's safe to say that Human Revolution will at least trump its predecessor. It's wrong to expect it to live up to the first Deus Ex, just as it was wrong for people to expect Tron: Legacy to redefine movies. But like Tron, DX: HR is going to be a blast, and it's going to kick-ass, and it'd be a shame not to let it show you how.

DA II Demo:

I think it's literally been years since I've seen a demo that wasn't intended to convince people to subscribe to Xbox Live. Just as they did with their excellent PC-rendition of Mass Effect 2, Bioware is showing the love to all audiences, PC gamers included. I had actually caught wind of this much earlier due to a leaked Gamestop notice, but it's nice to see it was real.

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